Saturday, July 26, 2008


We had an unbelievable time in Chicago. Our flights were great (on the way home, we got in 20 minutes early. Ha!), the food was amazing, and the weather was perfect. When we landed in Chicago, it was 68 degrees and gorgeous. The highs both days were low 80s and remained that way until we left. It was the best possible weather we could have had.

Our hotel, the Westin on the Mag Mile, was amazing as well.

This is the view from our hotel window. The black building on the left is the John Hancock building.

Since there is so much I could tell you about, let me just list some of the things we did.

Architechture boat tour (lake and river)

-Bloomingdales (across the street)
-Various Wicker Park stores
-Neiman Marcus
-Filene's Basement

-Bistro 110 (AMAZING!)
-Gibson's (equally amazing)
-Uno's Pizza
-Pontiac Cafe
-Chicago 'dogs (some hot dog place I have no idea what the name is)
-Tapas Bar

More Walking

It's a really great city with tons of people. I can understand why so many people love it so much. Here are some pictures from the trip.

A street performer that was acting like ductwork outside the Art Institute.

Underbelly of "the bean."

Deep dish at Uno's. Italian sausage, yum.

The quinessential Chicago dog in the hotel room.

This amazing table at Una Mae's Freak Boutique in Wicker Parker. The tables legs were made out of chairs.

Prime Rib sliders at Gibson's. Amazing.

The huge Trump Tower they are constructing next to the river.

Our boat for the boat tour. Notice Trump Tower behind to the right.

At the Tribune Tower, there are pieces of buildings from every state and places across the world. This is Mississippi's piece on the north side of the building.

Quiche Lorraine at Bistro 110. Perfect!

I hope to post more about Chicago later!

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  1. Glad you guys had fun! I love Chicago! We stayed at the same hotel you did last summer! It was so nice!



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