Friday, July 18, 2008

Housesitting Pt. 2... sort of

This week has been super busy. I have two weeks left until I am done with my internship and I am trying to cram it all in before I leave. It's been so much fun being there and cannot believe I was able to find something so perfect for me this summer.

One of the big things I worked on this week was a story about Frank Melton and his bodyguards' arraignment in federal court on Wednesday. I was lucky enough not only to get in to the courtroom (many people, including my editor, were not let in because there were so many people in the room) but to have a front row seat. It was really interesting to see how all of that unfolded.
For the article, click here.

The "Chicks We Love" issue also came out this week. This is another project that I spent a lot of time on- interviewing two people. Those "chicks" I interviewed can be seen here. I really enjoyed writing those pieces.

I have been housesitting for over a week now and the Woolvertons come back Sunday. Back to my old routine for two days and then I am off to Chicago! I am so excited to see a new and uncharted (in my eyes) city!


  1. Ahhh... to go from the responsibility of a job and house and dog-family to nothing but a magical Chicago vacation...

    You're going to have a blast up there. I love that city!

  2. The only thing worse might be having to listen to it...



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