Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I think I have just figured out my problem. If I take pictures but don't load them on to my computer, I can't think of any stories to write about. I mean, my pictures are pretty much the basis of the blog, right?


Do you want to know what my mom found in my grandparent's RV yesterday? Well... it's interesting for sure.

My grandparents are getting ready to sell their RV, hence, they were cleaning it out yesterday.
My mom walks in with these shoes. Apparently, they are a pair of some of the first galashes (Is that how you spell that? Probably not.).
Yeah. I know, right?


  1. I want to wear those. With a little black dress. And a big clear umbrella.

  2. I got a slip in my mail box today that says to come pick up a package so I'm assuming it's your package!!! yay! I'm going to try to get it tomorrow. The post office is a long way from our house and this whole no-car thing has still got me a bit riddled in times like these.



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