Sunday, July 6, 2008

Wow, I've been busy and I really haven't had much to report this week. Also, the interns at JFP are having to create posts in the "Intern Blog" so I have been having to think about what I want to post on their. I will let you know when I post there.

I am also planning a trip to Chicago with my mom and Candy (who is like my second mom) at the end of July. Here is what I have so far:
Architecture river/lake tour
Art Institute of Chicago
Museum of Contemporary Art

We are staying on the Magnificent Mile at the Westin, which I am really excited about.

All that to say...

Have you been to Chicago? Are there some museums, shops, restaurants we must check out? I have never been (neither has my mom, but Candy lived there in the 90s) so I would love some suggestions!


  1. I LOVE Chicago!!!!!!

    I will never speak to you again if you do not eat Giordanos Pizza. It's not far from the Magnificant Mile so you will be able to walk there from your hotel. (By never-speak-to-you-again, I mean, I would give you a really hard time about missing out on the best pizza in the whole world.) Get the deep dish pizza. One should be enough food for all of you to eat.

    Also, I think Minnie's is a cute place. Everything served is tiny! (like sliders etc) but if you go there, get a milkshake to-go (with butterscotch pieces at the bottom) I don't remember which kind it is... maybe butterscotch... then walk around in the neighborhood behind there to see all of the AMAZING row houses that are worth millions of dollars. I'm pretty sure this is in Lincoln Park.

    Definitely go to Millinium Park. Super cool! Frank Ghery designed the pavilion there. and you have to take pictures by the Bean.

  2. I know Minnies and the row houses are in Lincoln Park... I don't know why I said "I'm pretty sure..." They are. It's true.

    And, you should also look up 'street festivals' there are tons of things that neighborhoods do during the summer, like private garden tours, and all of the restaurants in those areas open up to the street. Usually there are bands and concerts as well.



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