Sunday, September 7, 2008

I Carry Your Heart

This is my sister Mary Grace. She's crazy. She has 9 piercings (including that scary one in her face). She's not even 18.


Mary Grace came down this weekend and much fun was had. We spent all of our money, went out to eat and hung out with our cousins, got oriented with the campus (well, one of us), and just enjoyed being together. I always love it when she comes.

When she was here we got to talking about something: Do you know people that do/have things that bother you or do you have things that you do/have that bother others?

I know I am not saying that exactly right, but this is what started it all. When my sisters and I were each born, we were given a blanket. In typical birth order fashion, I never wanted to rely on my blanket and didn't touch it. Ivy (the youngest) slept with it for a while but doesn't care for it anymore. However, middle child Mary Grace would go up in smoke if she didn't have her blanket. She has to sleep with it every night, even if she is visiting her sister at college.

That blanket (named "Gunkie") makes me feel uncomfortable. It smells. It's old. I doesn't even feel good. I told Mary Grace she couldn't take it to college or I would have to do something about it.

The even more sad thing is, she even looks cute with it draped like a scarf. Tisk!

(Notice the blue ribbon my mom had to sew on it when she was in Mother's Morning Out. Another kid had the exact same blanket and she had to mark it so they could tell which one was which.)

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