Friday, January 16, 2009

The Busiest Week Ever

Do you sometimes feel like it has been the busiest week ever? This week, is that week for me. I started classes, squeezed in three work out times, tried to nap, drank coffee coffee coffee, and even did a little journalism work in there too.

I'm sure you are wondering what that salad has to do with my week. Let me tell you.

Last week (before I came back to school) I was asked to help a large news organization (Dow Jones) by being a stringer. All I had to do was make sure the CEO of the Atlanta Federal Reserve Bank made it to the speech, gave his speech, and made it out safely. (Ok, I had to do other things as well like, eat this salad and record his Q&A session, but whatever) So, yesterday I got to dress up professional-like and go to this lunch/speech. (Can you see that card on the table, it says "Media." Yes, I get to sit with the cool media people.)

It was a great experience for me and will only help me break into the industry even more. Who knows what will happen later on because I took the job!

I also had two stories in the JFP this week. You can click here and here to see them.

So, now it's the weekend (woo hoo!) and I am going to relax by eating sushi, going to the movies, and taking a day trip to New Orleans on Monday to the New Orleans School of Cooking. If you are ever looking for something fun to do in NOLA, go there! My friend Claire and I went freshman year and decided to go back for some more fun. I'm sure I'll have a good post about that on Monday (or whenever I get around to it).

Happy weekend!


  1. That food looks good. I dont have time to read what it's from!

    Necklace was from the "Young Designer's Market" in New York!

  2. I just ready why you were eating that salad! Super cool! You are sooooo important.
    Also: I'm a little jealous of your cooking school trip that sounds awesome. And I'm a little jealous of everyone's day off tomorrow!!!



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