Monday, January 19, 2009

Nawlins Baby

Mmmm... you've gotta love New Orleans (atleast, it has a special place in my heart). For me, it's one of those special places that I get to go a couple times of semester and "check up on." You can't beat the $2 beignets at Cafe du Monde (no matter how tourist-y it may seem) or the people displaying their drawings along Jackson Square.

For me and my friend Claire, though, New Orleans is also cooking school. When we were freshman we found this place while searching for a walking food tour of New Orleans (There is even a walking CHOCOLATE tour). We went, had the best time, and have talked about going back ever since.

So, today we went again to "our place." (If anyone ever asks to go to the New Orleans School of Cooking with either of us seperately, we we have declined because it just wouldn't be the same)

First, we started out with breakfast at Cafe du Monde (It wasn't really on the agenda but we arrived with 30 minutes to spare, so we went the couple of blocks over and ate before we ate some more.)
Here is our cook/chef/host. Here I believe he is mixing up the batter for the BEST cornbread I have ever eaten.
Our menu was: Red Beans and Rice, cornbread, pecan pie, and pralines. Yum yum yum.

Again, best cornbread ever.

If you are ever in need of a fun thing to do in NOLA, I highly recommend it to everyone.

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