Friday, February 27, 2009

I'm a cronic lister. You might have/have not known that about me.

Usually, this sticks to the random memo pads and spiral bound notebooks on my desk, but I've found a new addiction: TargetLists.


I'm going to peg it on my friend Claire and her bridal registry (though it's really a lame excuse). She's getting married in a couple of months, so I was looking on her registry just to get an idea of a gift (though I've already come up with a BETTER, awesome gift). As I was scrolling, I had a moment of genius. I could have a list too.

Probably a bad idea, because I have become obsessed. Let's be honest, it's hard not to love Target.

I created a list for all of the "wants" for our little home next year. (WANT, not need, being the operative word)

I already had a rough list of things I wanted, keeping in mind my budget/savings from my job. However, it's so much more fun when the items come with prices, pictures, and, not to mention, REVIEWS. I have been pouring over reviews on down comforters (too crunchy and noisy, too hot), espresso machines (does a good cappuccino, pleasantly surprised), and lamps (really good deal).

Wanna see my list (it changes daily, HOURLY [ha])? Click here. Click "Find a List," then enter my name. The list is titled "House."

Enjoy my neurosis while it's hot!


  1. It is fun to plan for a new "place" I bet you could go shopping at DOT'S MALL and find some good stuff. Pictures under the bed. Stuff in the closets, and in boxes. O boy. Betty Boop

  2. I am a chronic lister too! I have lists all over the place--in my room and on the net.

    I just looked at yours, and strangely enough, I had just been looking into getting a down comforter too. Great minds think alike.



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