Sunday, March 8, 2009

I hate that I don't blog as much as a used to. Oh well, I guess it is good in a way because I'm busy.

Saturday was a fun day, starting off with Kaycie and I going to PetSmart to go help with the Adoption Team. The funniest dog out there was the dog Kaycie was handling. Cody (the dog) was a Labrador Retriever and BASSET HOUND mix. It was so odd. Here's a picture:

I know this picture doesn't do it justice, but Cody has the face and coloring of a lab, but the shortest legs you have ever seen. He was really scared and didn't like to move, but he did get adopted.

After volunteering for a few hours, we came back, showered, ate lunch, and the went downtown to the park for a couple of hours so that we could "study."

I actually did read all of the assigned reading for Kite Runner, which I'm reading for my Contemporary Literature class. I also started reading about Buddhism for Religion.

The weather outside was amazing, the grass was green, and it was fun people watching. This one mom and her kids came and lounged on a blanket, eating apples. The park is across the street from the railroad tracks, so we watched a very long train go by (and sit idle on the tracks for a good ten minutes, stopping downtown traffic).

Afterward, we grabbed some yummy snow cones and watched Becoming Jane. If you haven't seen that movie, you should. Don't we all wish we had James McAvoy?

It's these little simple things that make a Saturday so much fun. Don't cha think?


  1. What a fun Day.


  2. Princess Feather is the name of the plant you remembered. They do look like velvet and a beautiful royal color (red)


  3. That was a great Saturday.
    We will need to hang out some this week, and also this weekend if you're going to be in Jackson.



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