Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Major University Announcement

Over the past couple of days, everyone around school has been getting emails that the president of the University would have a major university announcement this morning at 10:30.

As curious little students, Maggie and I decided we needed to go. Granted, we were hoping the major announcement had something to do with a two-week long Spring Break to further cut school costs, but, who's counting?

So, when we arrive, we realize we are just two in a VERY large crowd of people around the Thad Cochran Center. We found a friend of ours and talked about what we thought the announcement is going to be. One thing shrouded in mystery was whatever was propped on an easel and covered with a black cloth.

As Dr. Saunders began to speak, I suspected it had to do with money, considering how she was pointing out board members of the foundation.

Then, she unveiled this puppy:

You know, just a $6,000,000 dollar donation to the university. Apparently, it is the largest cash donation the University has ever had.

Now, I just want want to know who the anonymous donor is!


  1. AND YOU WERE THERE!!!!!! How wonderful for the School. Who is Anonymous? What a gift.

  2. If you're interested in oddities of life, you'd better give my blog a visit...

    Thanks, Shane.



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