Thursday, March 26, 2009

This is my friend, Erin. She's a little "different."

Because we both had classes that were cancelled today (I only have Media Ethics on TTh), we decided to take a spontaneous trip to New Orleans.

After an interesting (to say the least, as me about it if you want the long version) drive down there, we pulled into the French Quarter amid the groups of families and school buses down in the "Deep South" (as I heard a man from Illinois say- ha!) for Spring Break.

Our first order of business was breakfast at Cafe du Monde (as always).

The beignets were perfect and the au lait was full of chickory. Erin and I had fun people watching. I think my favorite part was when I heard a woman say, "Ah, yes, I think I would like some BEG-NETS, please."

After walking around to our favorite stores such as Urban Outfitters and UAL, we decided to take it uptown to the Garden District on Magazine Street to visit American Apparel.

I went a different way than I have before and we found a more impressive Walmart than the Madison Walmart. (It was brick and so was parts of the parking lot!

After shopping around, we decided to try out Rocky's a couple of blocks down.

Erin got a whole wheat pizza with pepperoni and feta... not my favorite. I think there were so many dominant flavors that I couldn't just focus on one.

I ordered a grilled chicken panini (surprise, suprise). This was huge! I only at half of the panini and boxed up the other half and the salad to take home. I ate the salad as a snack when I got back around 4:30 and then the panini for dinner. It had garlic mayo, carmelized onions, and tomato. Yum!

Afterwards, we headed on home to make sure we were ahead of this next line of storms coming our way. Since we woke up so early to leave, I didn't have time to check the news and I was shocked when I heard about the severe weather near home! I talked to my mom and she said a couple of homes down the street have damage and even a tree in one!

Here's to hoping that this next line of storms isn't severe!


  1. So I've been missing ur stories! I've been too busy lately and that must change!
    I have a few comments from lots of posts! Socks do not belong on the beach. I love beg-nets too! I'm very worried about beach week or lack there of this year! And I too am on a quest for health! For real this time. I have yet to find one solid work out routine that works for me though. Still looking... Let me know if u stick with yoga or pilates! I might have to give that a try.

  2. I'm glad to hear that your trip to New Orleans FLOWED well. tee hee



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