Friday, April 24, 2009

Hello! Not much new today. Last night, I went to the Mass. Comm. and Journalism Spring Banquet. I had applied for scholarships, so I went for a good meal and see if I won one of the awards. Of course, the program took over two hours and the scholarships were awarded at the end, BUT it was worth it because I was awarded one of the Ralph Pruitt Endowments!

I was pretty nervous, because the economy has really had an effect on scholarships this year. Usually, the MCJ department offers around 17 scholarships each year, but because they had negative return this because of the economy, they only offered five this year. It was really competitive but I was really surprised when they called my name. I was really excited and glad that I went. Huzzah!


  1. Way to go Sophie!!!!! Congrates to you--you deserve it.

    MaMaw Betty Boop

  2. Great blog, random-congrats for your scholarship. Maybe one day I'll get a scholarship instead of taking out loans, ha that would be the day.



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