Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Hello, I'm back from camping! We had a fun time in the cabin, just hanging out. Our vacations are always so easy because no on holds anyone to doing anything. Some might not think of that as a good time, but we go on vacation to enjoy ourselves. Anyways... here are some highlights of the trip.

We started Friday by unloading some really good grub. In the picture (clockwise from top) one of the three types of sausage (we had Chicken + Feta and Spinach, Italian, and Maple), stuffed grape leaves, packaged hummus, olive salad, Baba ghanoush. We also had fresh hummus, fresh pita, garbanzo bean salad, black bean and corn dip and other lovely things. It was all really good!

The next morning we all ate breakfast on the deck and Cary gave her mom turtles for Mother's Day! They are from this bakery in Hattiesburg called Jody's Bakery. I've got to try that place!

On Sunday, we make our way to Dunn's Falls. (If we keep this up much longer it's going to become a family tradition!) See this picture of Cary? She got bitten by a booger of a spider right after this picture. He might even be on her arm in this very picture.

Look at it! It's almost green.

I don't know if you can tell from the photo, but it has these sticker-like things sticking out of it's legs. Gross!
[Editor's Note: Click on the image to make it bigger. You can see it is bigger detail there.]

After that, we made it down to the bottom of the falls.

After eating a picnic lunch, we all heading home!

Since then, I've been busy working at the Drip and doing some freelance work for the JFP. After an interview I'm conducting this afternoon, I'm getting my hair cut! It's gotten pretty gross and I need it to look good, because I am in Claire's wedding this weekend.


  1. Thanks for wonderful photos (especially the spider enlarged) I wish you had taken one of the cabin. Thank you


  2. Looks like fun! :)
    I got my hair cut yesterday--it's super super short, but I love it.
    Hopefully, I will see you sometime soon!

  3. I like your blog! Good writing style.

    Jen in D.C.



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