Saturday, September 5, 2009

I've got so many stories and I've gotten so behind on my blog, I feel like I should backtrack and tell you all of them!

(EDITOR'S NOTE: If you are squeamish, pregnant, my become pregnant, or unable to handle bathroom humor, this first story isn't for you.)

About a week ago, we had one of our first house mis-haps, but it ended it being one of the funniest things (afterwards, of course) that's happened in our house, thus far.

We have been having a little ant problem and one night after my roommate, Deidre, took a shower, she told us to come into the bathroom and see that there were a few ants on the ceiling. Pointing them out, Deidre decided to stand on the toilet lid to get closer. For whatever reason, the toilet seat collapsed under her (at this point Deidre is still only in a towel), shattering the lid, seat, attachments, and not to mention the fact that her leg up to her mid-calf is in the toilet! Erin, Deidre, and I were all stunned, shriek
ing that the toilet seat had broken, Deidre's in the toilet, and there ants on the ceiling (we can laugh about this now, remember?).

We get Deidre out of the toilet (which I had cleaned that day, thank goodness), cleaned up the broken pieces, and tried to figure out how in the world to figure out what kind of seat we needed.

After changing clothes, measuring the seat and figuring out we needed an "elongated seat" (which brought much laughter in itself), we headed off to WalMart at 9:30 at night (we only have one bathroom so we needed it fast).

On our way there, we started talking about what kind
of seat we wanted to get. Though joking, I suggested a padded seat. Deidre, being completely serious, said, "Oh my gosh, please, let's get one. They are so comfortable I can do my homework on one!" Erin and I fall out with laughter thinking about it, vowing never to let Deidre go near a padded seat.

After buying our enlongated sink, we all came back and assembled our new seat. Crisis averted.

WOW. Okay. In other news...

I got a fabulous Macbook Pro last weekend!

My sister has been asking for a Mac for a while now and with Mac's newest operating system, Snow Leopard coming out, an offer for a free iPod touch, and my educational discount running out when I graduate, my dad came up with this plan. According to my mom, this is how it was supposed to happen:

I was going to come home that weekend so I could go to the Apple store, get Snow Leopard, and update my Macbook. My dad was going to go with me to the store and as we were walking by the Macbook Pros, say, "Hey Sophie, wouldn't you like to have one of these MacBookPros?" Thus, surprising me with a very early graduation gift and also shifting my two year-old MacBook to my sister.

However, in my dad's excitement, he spilled the beans early. I can't say that I blame him. What if I didn't want a new MacBook Pro (Ha, yeah right?)? Then what would happen? So, when my mom had gone to Bunko at a friend's house, he asked me if I would like a new computer, etc. It was still very exciting and fun.

I gotta say, though, this computer is smokin'. Not only does it have the same features as my old MacBook, but it's got an SD card slot for my camera card with makes getting images on this blog SO much easier! I'm really enjoying it. Thanks Mom and Dad!

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  1. My,My, How exciting!!!!!Your Dad is good at keeping his girls in the Big

    My, My, Your Dad is so good at keeping his girls in the big C's (conputers and cars) How lucky you are to have parents who look after you. You deserve it.



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