Saturday, September 19, 2009

My friend Maggie (my roommate last year that graduated) came into town yesterday and stayed with me last night. While we were driving around town, Maggie kept asking me about all of the new buildings/restaurants that have popped up since she left in May. One of the places was this little shop close to campus called "Cirque de Sweet Day." I'd heard it had cupcakes and Maggie was determined to have her a cupcake from there.

After getting there in the most torrential downpour ever, we walked into Cirque de Sweet Day. After seeing my friend Kaycie there with Annie and her sister, we went up to get our cupcakes.

"Sorry, we are really low on cupcakes. We didn't make as many as we normally do because we thought the weather would deter people today. I do have some strawberry coming out from the back," the girl said.

We look in the case: two little cupcakes are sitting on clear plates. Low? There's hardly anything! Maggie gives me a look.

She brings out a couple of strawberry cupcakes, which Maggie orders, while I order one of the Reece's Buttercup cupcakes on the shelf.

I've gotta say, Maggie's fresh out of the oven cupcake was one of the best I have ever eaten, mine, however, not so much. However, the place is so amazingly pink and fun, I just might go back and try it again.


  1. Those look so good!!! We might have to go when I come back down there!

  2. You are great at finding new and good places.




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