Monday, September 28, 2009

New Orleans

This past weekend my family had a girl-trip to New Orleans. We had so much fun and ate so much good food.
Waiting for shops on Magazine Street to open, we went to Audubon Park (on St. Charles across from Tulane and Loyola). As we were walking around the park, we noticed this fountain and a dog that refused to get out. We walked over, sat down, and watched. While we were there a few other dogs got into the fountain! I guess they know something we don't, because it was so funny to see all these dogs that seemed to know to get in the fountain!

On Magazine, we walked into one of the coolest shops I've seen (or eaten in) in a long time. It's called Sucre and it's to die for. I got Coconut Basil gelato, while my mom and sister got Malted Milk Chocolate and my aunt and cousin got a really dark chocolate. It was so fun and tasty!

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  1. Great time? I am glad. By the way DANCEING WITH THE STARS is back. Don"t miss it!!!Ha Ha sure



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