Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Spider Lilies!

I had just post on my blog, made my bed, turned on Good Morning America, and decided to take out the trash. Walking through the backyard back to the house, I noticed something that literally just popped up- SPIDER LILIES!

My Mamaw, mom, and I have been talking about them since right now is the little window of time that they bloom. There had been these green stalks in the backyard near Erin's room, but I had just assumed it was from this plant that is next to them. But, today I realized I had some Spider Lilies of my own.

Since I had loaded my photos, I'll show you my fabulous dinner from last night!

The original recipe my mom gave me was called "Peanut Chicken Bowl," but I've decided to call it the "Faux Thai Pad Thai" dish. I've got it pending on PW's Tasty Kitchen, so I'll give you guys a link to the recipe when it posts. It's pretty simple with Ramen noodles, snow peas, red bell pepper, chicken, bamboo shoots, and water chestnuts. Even my roommate, Deidre, that doesn't like chicken OR peanut butter (another component in the peanut sauce) liked it!


  1. Spider lilies are so exciting!!!Your pictures of them are beautiful, Mine are all faded now. They last sucha little time but are wonders to watch. Food looked good too.

  2. we used to always take spider lilies to our teachers in elementary school.



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