Sunday, September 20, 2009

Yesterday morning, I picked up Kaycie and we made the drive to Petsmart to help with the Adoption Team. BUT, they never showed! Hungry and tired, I suggested we go to one of the places we love, C'est la Vie. Pull into the parking lot and there's a note on the door saying they are going to be gone for two weeks!

So, I suggested Southbound Bagel, a place downtown that I have heard of, but never been too. Ok, I've been to it during Artwalks, but they were only displaying art, so I've never actually had the food.

We walk in to the corner shop and take a menu. Holy-toledo, this place has so much to choose from! I wish I could remember all of the items, but there was bacon cream cheese, all kinds of bagels, omelets, and a funky design I really loved. The place had a greasy diner feel with a counter, swivel stools, and mis-matched chairs and tables that made it really fun. Plus, the place is almost all windows, overlooking all the criss-crossing tracks right next to the train depot.
I ordered the Maestro, an omelet with bacon, swiss, and tomatoes (came with a choice of bagel and I chose onion), while Kaycie ordered the Shrimp Alfredo omelet.

FABULOUS! It was so good and different from anything I've ever had before. I'm definitely going back.

After finishing, we decided to check out Calico Mall, a flea market in an old home right down the street from Southbound.

While we were in one booth tucked away from all the others on the second floor, we found one of the most disturbing things I've ever seen here. Make that, the most disturbing.

It's a wrinkled woman's head!!! It's apparently mechanical. I guess if you but batteries in it, it would work. I don't know anyone that would actually want that thing to work and talk. Creepy!

After that, Kaycie and I decided to go to Petal, because we had always heard people talk about or say they lived there, but we had never been there. Ha! It's quite small and I got so terribly lost TWICE trying to get back home. I finally pulled out my iPhone and I was over ten miles from home. But we got back and all was good!


  1. I suppose the wrinkled old woman head is now in your living room? Does it remind you of me? Hope not.


  2. what would a face like that say? where's my toothbrush?



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