Sunday, December 13, 2009

Pheww! So glad to be done with exams and have a break. The day after my final (Tuesday), I helped with the Extreme Makeover house. It POURED the whole time I was there and the front yard was a muddy, soupy mess. But, the house got done. Sorry, no pictures because I wasn't allowed to have a phone or camera with me! I did get to see all three designers that helped with the house (Paige, Michael, and John). While I was there they were shooting a couple of scenes right in front of me, in front of the volunteer tent, so once it airs I will let you know if any of the scenes I saw actually got on screen!

When I got home Tuesday afternoon, my mom had a surprise for me: a really ripe pumpkin. You may not know this about my family, but we like to throw things. Not at each other, or even in the house, but outside. It used to be at a stump outside, then even the side of the house, but we've also got a killer gully and it's a tradition in the family to do a little punkin' chunkin' once the pumpkin starts to go rotten. Don't worry, the other stuff we've handled has always been rotten stuff, like old tomatoes or oranges which are really fun (I know you are jealous).

My mom after the first throw off the deck and it didn't crack. This pumpkin was hard!

Here's a video of my mom taking a crack at it.

After we finally split the thing, Truffles was interested in getting some pumpkin seeds for herself.

Then, the other day we went to Canton to see the lights. We always go every year with my mom's best friend, Vicki, and her daughter.

Even our animals are getting into the Christmas spirit!

Now we're all by the fire watching Rudolf and waiting for our gingerbread to be chilled so we can make gingerbread men!

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  1. That is AMAZING. I would love to throw a pumpkin.



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