Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Years

Sheesh, you'd think I'd post every once in a while?

This year, I'm going to try to be more dedicated to the blog. As my goal for the new year, I am going to make my life as healthy as possible. This doesn't just mean that I am going to "watch what I eat," that's only part of it. I am also going to be financially healthy (save those "workers" for when I truly need them, not when I think I need a latte), emotionally healthy (decreased stress and worry), and environmentally healthy/conscious.

To help with the process, I'm going to display it on the blog. As Leo Babauta emphasizes in 6 Changes, making it public on a blog keeps you in check.

I expect 2010 to be full of changes- internship, last semester, graduation, finding a job, working 9-5, finding a place to live, new friends. I hope that I can apply "healthy" to all of these things.

To start things off, I began my diet on 1/1/2010. To date, I've already lost 11 pounds! I'm pretty excited about the change, even if the weight loss so far has mostly been water weight. While I've tried dieting in the past, I feel more in control of what I eat. I'm older now with more money to spend and I am actually interested in food now. I see this as a lifestyle change, I can't live the unhealthy lifestyle I was living before. So, the blog will definitely serve to show you some of the foods I am eating now and how this can actually be fun. I haven't been very creative so far, but I've got purple sweet potatoes, acorn squash, tilapia, black bean burgers, and brussel sprouts somewhere on the menu in the near future!


  1. So glad you FINALLY updated!!! Miss you. Ok... now to actually read the post...

  2. good for you. I am trusting in you to make it work. Actually with your interest in food prep you will have fun. MaMaw

  3. I am so into Leo's stuff on 6 Habits! I didn't know you were a fan as well. :)

  4. Also, Sophie, I just re-read your new posts and noticed the weight loss part. 11 pounds! That's great! Keep up the good work! :)

    I lost two pants sizes last year, and I'm shooting to lose one more this year. If you ever need help or want an accountability buddy, just let me know!



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