Saturday, February 13, 2010

Carrot Cake and Chihuahuas

The snow is still lingering, but its been a great day!

For one thing, we've been playing with my sister's (Ivy) new dog... Toby, a Chihuahua.

Ok. Worst depiction of Toby, as he is a great dog, but he's been wanting to play for the past hour and I haven't gotten a great picture of him yet. (I know, I know. As if we needed another fuzzy thing in our house.) I'll have to snap a few later!

My family is have an impromptu dinner tonight, so after flipping through some cook books, my sister and I decided on a carrot cake recipe. MG got an awesome acorn "cakelette" pan for Christmas from Williams-Sonoma and we thought it would be really cute for the carrot cake.

Didn't it turn out great? I think they are going to be so fun to eat tonight! (And it's carrot cake, so it's going to be a little better for us, right? Are carrots even considered a vegetable or a starch?)

I also made a homemade cream cheese icing for the top. It's going to be delish.

Hope you are enjoying your Saturday.

1 comment:

  1. That impromptue dinner was at my house. We had a great time.




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