Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hello again. I've been really pitiful with blog posting lately and for that, I apologize.

A few weeks ago I started my internship and I am really enjoying it! It's definitely fast-paced and different from anything I have ever done before, but it's a nice change.

With that, plus school, things have been insane! I go to school three days a week, intern two days a week, work at the Drip at least once a week, and then have one day off! Pheww. It's crazy, but I love it.

Here are how my cabbage wraps turned out: AWESOME.

I really threw stuff together, so there's not an exact recipe, but we added spinach as a filler along with ground turkey, green onions, and other good stuff. The sauce was simply a small can of tomato sauce.

They were great! You should try them sometime.

Weight loss count: 17 pounds! I'm pretty excited and encouraged by it.

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