Friday, February 12, 2010


It's been a snow day around here!!!! I came home yesterday, hearing all about how horrible the weather was going to be. In Jackson, they were predicting 3-5 inches and in Hattiesburg they were predicting 5-7 inches! I thought they were probably over-exaggerating, but they weren't! We've gotten over 3 inches. For a girl who's lived in Mississippi all her life, this is a big deal. So, I was able to not go to my internship today and enjoy the fluffy stuff.

Truffles loved the snow as well. We would make snow balls and throw them into the snow in the backyard and she would try to find them. When she couldn't find the ball, she would get really frustrated and confused.

This is how covered my car was in snow this morning. (In the picture is the driver-side window. The crack in the middle is the seam where the top of the window and door meet.) It looks like the tops of big, puffy clouds when you are in an airplane!

MG was also really excited about the snow. Here she is having fun in the front yard:

Off to read a book and drink some hot chocolate!

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  1. They predicted a blizzard here this week and closed everything for a day...did we get any snow? No.



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