Monday, March 22, 2010

The Rest of the Journey

I'm running low on storage for photos, so this post is going to be shorter!

After Asheville, we headed down to the small town of Penrose, NC where we had the neatest cabin for two nights. The next day we went in search of waterfalls!

Us on the trail to the waterfall at Moore's Cove Falls.

Our cute cabin! Everything was bear themed.

This house had THREE porches! This is the one at the back of the house which overlooked our own rushing stream.

Here it is. So COOL.

We even had our own personal bear guardian on the porch.

Looking Glass Falls

Cary in the cave that is behind Moore's Cove Falls

We also went to Sliding Rock Falls. During the summer, you can actually come here and slide down the falls! The water is terribly cold, but we actually got to watch a guy slide down! Lucky, I took a video of it and have it for all of you guys to watch.

After we had seen a few waterfalls, we took my mom's advice and checked out a Wildlife Experience center. Guess what it turned out to be?? A fish hatchery! This place is right along a creek and breeds all different types of trout. Also while we were there, they were sponsoring a professional Fly Master tournament so we got to watch a dozen guys fly fishing.

How neat is this?? We even got to feed them. Lucky for you, I also have a video of the rainbow trout.

We also got to walk around an outdoor learning center and saw some great wildlife. However, the best was yet to come.

We went down to the town of Brevard and stumbled upon a store with the title of White Squirrel. Curious, my mom asked about them. They told us to go down to the Brevard College campus and we would see them!

After walking around the town, we headed to the campus. Not two minutes into the campus, we see one!

No, this is NOT an albino squirrel. They have brown eyes! They are apparently indigenous to Hawaii and a pair of them were sent to a family in Brevard as a gift. When one got loose one day, they let the other go and they bred like crazy. Now, they are all over the city.

We headed back to the cabin for another wonderful night.

It was a great trip! Now, back to work and school. Soon enough, I'll be done with school!


  1. Sophie, I enjoyed your trip!!!I am so glad you were able to go. You got to do so much in such a short time. Good planning. I think Jan and Amy learned a little of that from us. We used to plan and even write it down. You see so much more that way. You did such a good job of telling and showing it to us. Thanks MaMaw

  2. Cameron's sisters have been to Sliding Rock! It looks like so much fun. When we were living in SC, we talked about going there, but were never able to make it before we left.



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