Thursday, April 8, 2010

Coastee for a Day

When I was in high school, people around me used to discount USM. It was either Ole Miss or State and Southern was for the "coastees." It truly seemed like the coast was a whole different world away. Heck, it might as well have been a different state for me. But, after a last minute "Ah-ha" moment, I decided to give USM a try over my once coveted Ole Miss. What I found out is that I liked the so-called coastees. In fact, a lot of them knew how to have more fun than people back home. Not to mention I was way closer to awesome places like New Orleans and, of course, the coast.

It's also funny for me, because I feel like the coast (and USM) gets considerably more play now than before. Maybe it took Katrina to make it important to more than just south Mississippi. It definitely needs all it can get.

Every time I go back to the coast, I can't help but love the vibe it has. Forget Daytona Beach, Miami, Destin - this is where it's at for me.

Hoping to enjoy the little time we have left (27 days!!), my best friend Erin and I took a day trip to the coast to soak it all in and get a few Walter Anderson prints before we are too far away.

We started out at Coffee Fusion, a cool coffee place that specializes in bubble tea. It sounds weird, but oh-my-goodness, it's amazing. Typically made with a milk tea, such as Oregon Chai, bubble tea is created with tapioca (which give the illusion of bubbles). Bubble tea can be frozen/blended or liquid form. Coffee Fusion's bubble tea is typically blended, but can be liquid with "bubbles" suspended.

Afterward, we hit downtown Ocean Springs. Though I don't have pictures, we made a B-line to Realizations, a store at the old train depot in Ocean Springs which is run by and sells nothing but works by the Anderson family (mostly everything Walter Anderson). I got a great crab print and shirt!

After a stroll down Washington Avenue (and a look in the windows of a tapas bar which was closed for lunch... grr) we headed to Shearwater Pottery.

It may be down the scariest gravel road in your life, but it's worth it. The pottery is beautiful and you've got the added benefit of a great harbor view inside. We both debated all kind of pieces but ended coming out empty handed. We both want to come back with more money to invest in some of the more expensive, substantial pieces. There is a $70 pitcher with my name on it! (Ok, not literally)

Getting hungry for lunch, we drove back downtown and per a local's suggestion (thanks to the girl at Chandelier Outfitters!) we ate at Mediterrianeo. Though I was in the mood for Greek, I could help but get the CRAB CAKE SANDWICH. If you know anything about me, you should know that crab cakes are my weakness. As in, they are the food to my heart. There's not one I won't eat (except, put that remoulade on the side, please?). This was divine! (Aunt Jan, I told Erin that these were your kind of fries. Perfect steak fries- so hot but crispy and awesome!)

We rolled out of the restaurant sleepy and content. It was so much fun to get back to the coast at least one more time before we got too far away.

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