Saturday, April 17, 2010


Phewww!!! I'm pretty sure this picture sums up how I feel right now! Yesterday afternoon, I was awarded "Outstanding Senior in News-Editorial," the highest honor for my major. (Well, ok, sort-of. Everyone falls under "journalism" and must pick an emphasis- i.e. News-Editorial, PR, Broadcast, Film) Afterwards, my parents came back to my house and packed up most of the non-essential furniture I brought. It's sad, but it needed to go! I only have three weeks left, so it won't be bare for long!

Today, I am presenting a paper at an Undergraduate Research Conference at USM. I've never presented a paper at a conference before, so it should be interesting.

After this, all I have left are an English paper, my capstone portfolio, my big "beat" story, and two exams and I am HOME free!!

More later!


  1. Way to go Sophie. One of many greats you will achieve. I am so proud of you. MaMaw

  2. Can you believe it's almost over?! Enjoy it because soon enough you'll be in the working world.... but first you should come visit me! :)



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