Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hello there! Things have been non-stop around here. I finished college (!!!), finished my internship, went camping, started my temp job, had a fun dinner with friends, got offered a full time where I was temp-ing, ACCEPTED the job, and just got finished with a Bachelorette party with all of my friends! Let's back up to camping.

We went to a state park on Grenada Lake, which was fascinating! It's a man-made lake that was created by damming two rivers near where they intersected. This like is huge, but there are pretty impressive edges (they seemed like cliffs to me) that are composed entirely of layer of dried clay. The layers crack and crumble so easily, it looked like seashells.

While we were touring the grounds, we found a small cemetery with some of the most interesting engravings. This one had a ginko leaf!
We also found this scary critter hanging out on the wall behind our trash can. He has no tail!!

This gives you a better view of the beach. It was amazing.

This week, I went to a fun get together with a group of friends of mine at Rachel's house. She got really into it and everything was so wonderful. She even went to thrift stores and got interesting cups and saucers for each place setting. Each girl got to choose which setting they wanted to take home.

Me and Emily

The food was great- green been bundles (with turkey bacon and Italian dressing, not French), quiche, and fruit.

All of us together. (From left) Me, Emily, Rachel, Kaylan, Vic.

So fun and festive! The rest of the week I have been working, working, working!! It's definitely taken some getting used to the 8-5 and I'm still not there. It's hard to be at work all day. I'm so used to interships where I would come in at 8 and leave at 2 or 3, so staying til 5 is different. One more day of work and then I head to the beach with my friends for a few days! I can't wait to get away and relax.

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