Thursday, May 20, 2010

Week in Review

Hello, hello! Here's some photos of my week in review, starting with last Thursday, when we had Erin's bachelorette dinner at Julep! Lot's of fun and the food was amazing, as always.

Erin and I.

On Saturday, me and 5 of my closest friends (Sital, Amanda, Ashlee, Erin, and Katherine) headed to the beach for a last hoorah/bachelorette/graduation trip. We had an excellent time despite the fact that it stormed horribly for a full day. Sadly, this was one of two pictures I have from the weekend! Ashlee took a ton of pictures, so hopefully I can get some from her to show you guys! We had fun, I promise.

Then, yesterday, I went to a shower for Erin at lunch, but only a little so that I could eat lunch at Bravo! with my mom, sister, and Memaw. I ordered the hot bruschetta appetizer for lunch and it was divine! I can't quit thinking of it!! It was in a brown sauce and I've been scouring the internet to find a recipe that seems similar. I'm thinking there may be balsamic vinegar or Worchestershire sauce?

Across the way from Bravo! is an health food store called Best of Health. When my mom was in high school, it was the place to go for real frozen yogurt. We popped in and sure enough they still make it! I got vanilla (the small - maybe 3 or 4 oz?) with pumpkin seeds.

Today, my friend Maggie and I toured apartments and went to the opening of a cupcake place in Flowood called Gigi's. We were their first customers EVER! Felt pretty good.

I got the peanut butter cupcake (chocolate with PB icing). Awesome!!

Somewhere in there I also officially graduated (though I didn't walk and from the stories of some of my friends, I'm glad I wasn't at that 3+ hour graduation on the football field) and found out I finished with a 4.0 semester!!

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