Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hey guys! Long time, no see, eh? Between starting my job, dogsitting, and fun stuff here and there, no blog time!

(view of the Standard Life building from my parking garage)

I'm loving my job! Everyday is fun and different. People are great and I'm so lucky to have found the job (or did the job find me?).

The job is even more fun if you throw in cupcakes! Our office is obsessed with this place. We even had someone go on their lunch break and bring back some!

Wedding cake flavor! So good!
More later!

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  1. began work downtown (many years ago) I remember thinking it was like another world. My bank was in the first floor of Standard Life (then named The Tower Bldg.) We would go to the Mayflower and get shrimp coctails. So good then. Still is I bet. Have fun. Making memories. MaMaw

  2. that has the most wonderful pile of icing on it! what a beautiful cupcake



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