Sunday, July 25, 2010

Back from the beach! I know what you are thinking, I am the worst blogger ever these days. It's bad. I just upgraded to the iPhone 4 and I hope to be a lot more on top of it, even if it means using my phone.

While we were there, we did see people cleaning the beach. When we first arrived, there was even a group of people camped outside of our house.

While there, I think we saw just about every kind of mode of transportation checking on the oil spill. We even saw the blimp!

The beach was nothing like what I imagined it to be like. While there was oil, it was not slick oil. Mostly, there we tarballs, which ranged from the size of my thumbnail to a little smaller than my palm (only saw one that was that big).

We still had our wonderful food fare, like dumpings, lettuce wraps, and pad thai. So good!!

We also has some really great shrimp and grits....


  1. Glad you can read my mind! How else am I supposed to keep up with you since we both have big girl jobs now?!



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