Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hello from Atlanta! Maggie and I took a road trip for the weekend for nothing more than some shopping. After getting settled at the hotel, we started making our rounds and headed to Lenox Square Mall. I may not be from ATL, but this mall feels like home to me. I thinks all the shopping trips we took when my aunt and uncle lived here and the many trips we have taken with friends.

Maggie said she had never been in a mall like this before and, honestly, it's probably the most impressive one I've been in too.

After shopping for a couple hours, we plopped down at California Pizza Kitchen.

We started off the the bruschetta which was tasty, mostly because they put it with GARLIC bread.

Then, we shared the Sicilian, which was pretty good. It was gah-reasy! Should have served this with wet-naps.

Today, we are off to IKEA (!!!). more later...

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