Monday, September 13, 2010

Hello, hello! Back to the real world (tomorrow atleast).

After having breakfast at the hotel, we ventured out to IKEA for our final furniture pieces.

I also found the kitchen of my next house (yeah, right)... love it!

Can you say farm house sink?

That night we tried the Flying Biscuit in Midtown and it was GREAT. One of my top meals of all time.


Biscuit chicken pot pie that was out of this world.

Oh please, I can hardly even talk about this one. The chocolate cupcake that was anything but a cupcake but it didn't matter because it tasted so good. The "icing" was this cream cheese/sweetened condensed milk concoction from heaven.

With Piedmont Park a block away, we couldn't NOT go. The weather was awesome and there were doggies everywhere!

Now, I'm back to Jackson and I am going to enjoy the rest of the day off!

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  1. We got that farmhouse sink from Ikea and LOVE it! It's spacious and durable - it's an absolute dream. If you can get it - the price is unbelievable - you should.



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