Sunday, October 17, 2010

I think we have a little performer on our hands! Check out my little star...

Last night was a little crazy getting used to her walking around at night, in my bed, meowing, etc. but I think it'll be ok!

In other news... research and work that I did for the JFP was mentioned in the New York Times yesterday! Click if you would like. While I did help write some of the articles in the series, I mostly did the research for this project Ronni and I did. As you can see in the NYT story (and can read about as Donna documents here), I did the research about the five men to find their back story. Radley then took our stories and wrote another series about them a year later. It's pretty cool to see my work going places outside my state!


  1. Kitty Witty looks at home to me. What an unusual looking kitty. She is beautiful!!!!!! NMaMaw



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