Monday, October 11, 2010

It's been such a great day in a way I didn't expect. Last night, I got a call from our HR Director telling us that our CEO was letting us have the day off today for Columbus Day! I guess as a quasi-governmental organization we can do that and, man, was I happy about that.

After the news sunk in, I started to think, "What the heck am I going to do with myself?" Being so busy the past couple of weeks I honestly didn't know what to do first. I knew I wanted to make something great for dinner but that's about as far as it went.

So, I did a little rearranging in my bedroom and added a new table I'd been needing for all my essentials.

This new little piece? It's TV tray I found at Goodwill for $2 and painted black with the leftover paint from the dresser. With a small bathroom and just as little space on my dresser top, I needed something that could be hidden but still be functional. I think for $2 it fits the bill!

Then I searched through my cook books (gotta love my Patty Roper books from my Mississippi Magazine days) and knew exactly what to make... PW's Olive Cheese Bread.

I don't say it enough, buy I love love love this book.

Drain the olives, chop, chop, chop...

Sidenote: Ever seen or used one of these? This stainless steel bar takes out any stinky smells from your hands. It worked wonders after I chopped an onion.

At $.79 the bread helps make this super affordable too!

It's more yellow than PW's because I used cheddar instead of Monterey Jack. Gotta use what you have!

If that wasn't enough, I also made a carrot cake with cream cheese icing. I know, I need to stop.

Hope tomorrow is just as great as it was today.
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  1. Um, that olive cheese bread is amazing. I don't even like olives but it was so good that one time you made it.



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