Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Just a quick post about dinners! Because I'm a young professional, I'm stuck in this weird place between "I want things to taste good" and "I don't want to pay a lot." Honestly, it's not nearly as bad as I thought, it just takes a little planning.

Dinner 1: The Olive Cheese Bread I posted about the other day. I totaled it up and buying all new ingredients (mayo, bread, 2 types of olives, cheese, onion), the total came to $4.77 and I am still not through all of it!

Dinner 2: Spaghetti with ground turkey and leftover Olive Cheese Bread. Using a $2.99 pack of turkey, pasta I got for free with a coupon, this only set me back $3 (figuring I used 2/3 of the turkey, pasta, sauce and leftover bread).

Dinner 3: BBQ Meatloaf a la Pioneer Woman with roasted local sweet potatoes. Using the leftover 1/3 turkey, I made meatballs and roasted local taters from the farmers market. With the potatoes only $.69, turkey left over and ketchup as my main sauce, this meal was probably under $3.

While some people may hardly pay anything for their groceries because they use coupons, I can't eat all processed food! I do have fun with coupons and last week I saved 57 percent. Not that bad!

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