Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Phew! I just went to one of the craziest events yet for my job - the ribbon cutting of the Standard Life flats. For those that don't know, the Standard Life is one of Jackson's "skyscrapers" that has recently been renovated into apartments. I love all of the Art Deco.

It was pretty nuts!

There was a nice reception going on during/after the program. No photos, but I tried duck with fig plus a portabella and goat cheese slice. So good!

They also had sweets, but I was more interested in getting water at that point!

Street view: SL on the left, King Edward to the right. The King Edward is another development on the same block, which also opened up in the past year or so. Unlike SL, King Edward is mix-use with a flagship hotel, coffee shop, and two floors of apartments.

Love. my. job.
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    Food and building.

  2. I'm really jealous of you right now. That looks like so much fun. And all that food looks delicious. Also, what is pineapple whip?

  3. Standard Life was Tower Bldg. in my day. Commercial Bank on the ground floof where I worked and met your grand dad. Worked together till three years later when Linda was born. Great memories there. It looks great today. MaMaw



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