Sunday, October 10, 2010


Guf. What a crazy weekend! Actually, Saturday was just NUTS. Starting very, very early, Erin and I headed to Hattiesburg and the coast for a day of fun. We started off well, but little did we know we picked the craziest weekend to be in south Mississippi. With homecoming at USM and Cruisin' the Coast, people were EVERYWHERE.

In Hattiesburg, we attempted to visit one of our haunts, Southbound Bagel, but with the impending homecoming parade about to close off the roads and the longest wait to actually get a bagel, we aborted our plans and headed to Hudson's.

Once finally on the coast, we had lunch and headed to Keesler Air Force Base to lay flowers on Erin's grandparent's grave. Little did we know, everyone in town also wanted to be on U.S. 90 at the same time for Cruisin' the Coast! Using our trusty Garmin, we navigated some back roads and finally made it to the cemetery. Again, little did we know, (Do you see the pattern??) the bathrooms were closed on weekends, so we had to navigate out. Guf!

Coming back, we grabbed the plastic vase mandated that you use for the graves. Erin filled it up with water and handed it to me so we could drive down to the grave. I still plead that it was a ghost that did it, but somehow all of the water (atleast a cup or two) landed in my lap. Guf guf! There I was in a south Mississippi cemetery with no backup pants and my jeans are SOAKED from my waist down.

Luckily, Erin had a blanket in the back and the air conditioning dried out my pants for the most part before we went to the outlet mall. (Sorry Ash, we didn't go in the Ralph Lauren store, but we did think of you when we passed it by)

After a bit of shopping, we made it back to Hattiesburg to one of our absolute favorite places for dinner, Old Athens Grill. Unfortunately, everyone had parked all around the restaurant and the surrounding neighborhood for the homecoming game. Grr! So, we parked about 4 blocks away and walked to the restaurant (We were bound and determined to have some hummus).

The food was fabulous as always. I wish I could bottle that restaurant up and bring it here. Sorry Keifer's, Old Athens is where it's at.

Finally, we made it home around 9:30 and I was beat! Probably one of the craziest days I've had in a while.

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