Sunday, November 14, 2010

Deals and other treasures...

Happy Sunday! Just came back from Kroger (nothing like your cat waking you up at 6:30 and you deciding it's a good time to go to the grocery store without a shower and what you slept in last night) and got some pretty good deals (even got something for FREE, plus a dollar extra).

Before I get to that... I wanted to show you some of the cool stuff I got at one of my friend's garage sales this weekend. My friend Laurie (who [whom?] the bridal shower was thrown for last weekend) was having a garage sale this weekend to purge of a lot of her stuff before she gets married and moves to Houston (and six months later moves to Canada!). She actually had some great things, including these glass pieces.

When I walked in, I had to have them! They are actually really nice [read... expensive] serve ware and I was happy to get them. I am in love with the oblong one I put on my coffee table.

Plus, a matching bowl that's on the dining room table.

Only $8 for both! I also got shoes, a scarf, free weights, and other little items.

Another Kroger run-down for you guys...
*2 Ghiradelli brownie mixes ($1/2 coupon)
Black beans
Peanut butter
*St. Ive's lotion ($.75/1)
Wholely Guacalmole ($4/1, which made it FREE and somehow they gave me the $1 overage, which is like getting, or rather is getting, the 2 Mac and Cheese for free too!)
Baby Greens Salad ($.40/1)
*2 Glade candles ($1.50/2) [I am in love with these]
*2 Annie's Homegrown Mac and Cheese
Maple syrup
Cream Cheese
*2 Green Giant Steamer Veggies
*Libmann kitchen sponges (apparently I can launder and reuse these?)
Yellow rice mix
Pie Shells

Total Value: $42.95
Total Spent: $23.96
Total Saved: $18.99 (44%)

Not bad (total price wise) considering my groceries from last week are still carrying over into this week (still have 4 servings of chicken and 1 of beef left, plus one night will be quiche night!) and I used only part of my Drip money (I still work at a coffee shop once or twice a month to fill in if people need me. It's a nice little extra money for not [too] much work) to pay for my groceries so I really didn't even go in to my budget at all for the trip!


  1. I need you learn your ways. Shopping does not work out like that for me. Anyway, did you know that the Pioneer woman is going to be on Throwdown this Wendesday?! I'm addicted to her blog since hearing you and Erin talk about it. We all need to watch the episode and discuss.



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