Saturday, November 6, 2010

Happy Saturday!

This morning I went to a bridal shower for Laurie, an awesome girl I worked with in the marketing department when I interned at St. D. There were all kinds of great foods, including a chocolate fountain and mimosas!

Afterwards, I met up with my parents for a trip to Fresh Market where they were having a big weekend event to try try all of their holiday foods!

From the top: sweet potatoes, corn souffle, cranberry, turkey, dressing. I also tasted crab dip, brie and raspberry bake. So good!

Later, I went to Kroger for the Mega Deal sale... (Can you believe I'm excited about this? Who am I?) I'll show you ala Claire style.

1 Simply Orange with Pineapple, $1/1 coupon
*Head and Shoulders shampoo and conditioner, $2/2 e-coupon
Muffin pan
Oregon Chai Tea concentrate, $1/1 coupon
*2 Glade candles, $1.50/2 coupon
*Best Life Butter Spread, $1/1 coupon
HUGE bag of Tidy Cat litter, $1/1 coupon
Swiffer dry cloths, $.50/1 that doubled
*2 Annie Mac and Cheese
Chicken breast
Ground beef
*Brita Pitcher, $5/1 coupon (made it $4.48... less than the cost of a replacement filter!!)
Margarine sticks
Silk Nog, $.75/1 coupon
*Muffin mix
Truvia, $1/1
*Advil, $2/1 coupon (made it $.50)

*Mega Event $5 off total

Total Value: $87.36
Total Spent: $47.77
Total Saved: $39.59 (55%)

Gotta say, this was actually a big bill for me. I budget about $40 a week for groceries and usually don't go over that, and some weeks I'm closer to $25. But, I got some things like Advil, Brita pitcher, and seasonal fun things like Silk Nog that made it more. Plus, this is actually groceries for me and my roommate (since I cook, I buy groceries and she'll give me money for part of it, etc.).


  1. You are my kind of girl. I get fun from saving too==but you are really something!!!!!

  2. I really need to make time for learning these couponing techniques. Lots of my friends are doing it, and they always save so much.



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