Saturday, November 20, 2010

I have lots to blog about!

Thursday night after work, I dashed off to Fondren for their holiday event called Fondren Unwrapped. It's just a great time for stores that usually close at 5 to be open late and get people in the holiday spirit, but I went to help CARA, a local (and Mississippi's largest) no-kill shelter with a booth. I didn't mention it, but Sital and I volunteered at our local Petsmart on Sunday for CARA (Y'all know I have a thing for volunteering for animal shelters, as you can see in some of my earlier posts.)

Tents and people were everywhere! We had a pretty good spot in front of Fondren Corner and we were able to raise a good bit of funds for the shelter. Sital and I walked around a little bit during the event and we found things to nibble and drink while we walked. We even stopped in to Sal and Mookie's for their [local] beer tasting.

Sital was excited to have her dog, Ballot, (a CARA dog himself) with us too!

He was super sweet being petted at the CARA table and sitting with us while we sat at Sal and
Today, I woke up really early to go do a little shopping with Erin!

We first headed out to Broad Street Bakery for some breakfast. Their granola is out of this world, so I opted for that.

The serving was HUGE!

We made our way to the farmers market and Handworks Arts and Crafts Show (I just happened to score a few tickets). This one booth had awesome dips and there were so many flavors!

I also debated getting this painting but left without it...

Next up is Mannheim Steamroller on Sunday. Can't wait!

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