Saturday, January 1, 2011

Can you believe this runs behind my house?

Ok, this is not right behind my house, but at the park when I was walking the neighborhood this morning. We have a creek similar to this that runs behind the house and there's another that also snakes through the neighborhood. The two intersect right by the park to make this one. As you can see, it's pretty swollen because we had some horrible storms last night! Nothing like 75 degree weather and tornado sirens to ring in the new year.

Because of the weather, my roommate had a movie marathon (amid some news channel weather watching too). It's Complicated, Charlie St.Cloud (AKA my IQ decreased watching), The Kids Are Alright. So my night looked a lot like this:

Honestly, I really enjoyed it. I haven't sat down and watched ANY movies lately, so this was perfect end to the year. Of course, Kitty thinks she's human and wanted some wine, cheese, and crackers for herself.

She got in to the spirits more than anyone... (I completely understand this implements me as a cat lady and I'm completely OK with that)

Now I'm sitting down and enjoying the first day of the year with some yogurt and cereal + two clementines.

Happy New Year!
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