Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

Pioneer Woman's BBQ Meatballs are one of my favorite dishes to make. Maybe it's because it looks like a lot of steps, but it's actually quite easy. Maybe it's because it's so tasty! Either way, I love making them.

Set up station, ready to flour and brown

All done! So good by themselves with half a sweet potato on the side. I make them with ground turkey (of course) and use Truvia and almond milk as substitutes. I also brown them in spray oil, not a bunch of oil.

Today, I had one of my favorite classic salads... the Newk's Favorite. I know it's probably not the healthiest option, but I do cut back a TON of the dressing by portioning it out myself. Greens, chicken, grapes, dried cranberries, bleu cheese, pecans, and artichoke hearts. So good!

Notice that wooden fork above? It's part of my bamboo utensil set (click for more info) I got for Christmas. I never have to use takeout plasticware ever again!

It comes in this cute case with a fork, knife, spoon, and chopsticks. I love it!


  1. I need to get one of those!
    I think I could eat at Newk's every day, but I like to make up my own salad. I get the simply salad and take everything off it, and then I add kalamata olives and boiled egg… haha, I know it's too complicated, but it's my favorite salad ever!

  2. Claire, the set came from the Fair Trade Store in Rainbow Plaza.

    That salad is definitely NOT complicated!



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