Saturday, January 15, 2011


Such a fun day! Every couple of months, I get this yearning to go back to Hattiesburg. I can't explain it, but I miss our old haunts. Luckily, Erin feels the same way, so we made day trip back to H-burg to cover our bases. First and foremost: Old Athens Grill. Oh man, oh man. There is nothing bad on the menu (that I know of). Their hummus and pita chips are out of this world. Erin and I started out with a plate of garlic hummus.

I got my usual: Chicken Roasted Red Pepper Hummus Gyro with a side of pita chips. So perfect.
After that, we made stops at a couple of our favorite stores: UAL and Hudson's. While neither of us got anything at UAL, we found some great finds at Hudsons. Erin definitely racked up and got some cute faux mercury glass bottles that were really interesting.

After that, we made way to Javawerks, the coffee shop across campus we frequented quite often.
Iced soy latte for a pick me up!

After that, we decided to head back up 49 and check out one of the HUGE antique/flea markets that are on the side of the road right outside of Jackson. We hit the jackpot! I loved seeing all the blue Ball mason jars (my absolute favorite thing on this earth... I've already got a collection going)
There were tons of tables with hundreds of little bottles!
Since we got there close to closing time, we didn't get to check out everything, but we did find a few items.
I may be into saving money on groceries, but have always loved a good deal on clothes too.
Michael Kors Cardigan, orig. price $79.50, sale price $15.80
Plum jacket, orig. price $38.50, sale price $7.70
Target soap pump, orig. price $12.99, sale price $2.99
Total Value: $140.16
Total Spent: $28.34
Total Saved: $111.82 (80%)
Seeing all the glassware at the flea market got me thinking about my own glassware, so I decided to bring out some of my collection. Ever since I was a kid, I've loved glass. I think it had something to do with my grandparents backyard. Why is that? In the tall inlets of the lake in my grandparents' backyard are tons and tons of treasures because that section used to actually be part of dump many, many years ago (a hundred years ago, possibly?). While all the gross stuff has turned back in to dirt, all of the broken plates, bottles, and more remain. Twenty two years later, I am still finding things. See that shortest bottle above? My sister dug that out a few weeks ago.

Hope you are having a great weekend!

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  1. Where exactly is that flea market? I need to make a trip.



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