Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My new love? Late night baking. By "late night" I mean 8:30 p.m. I'm old now, ya know? It was my last night before going back to work and I really wanted something to take as my breakfast. While I used to have 20 minutes or so to make breakfast in the morning before heading to work, I've started trading my time for sleep and grab-and-eat-in-5-minutes options. When I saw these, I had to give it a try.

My changes were: 2 cups of all purpose white flour instead of other flours (because it's what I had), pumpkin + 2 packets of Truvia instead of sweet potato, 1/2 light pancake syrup + 1/2 honey instead of maple syrup. Because of my changes, I think my batter was a little wetter and my cookies a little cake-ier, versus crumbly.

Oh yeah, instead of parchment, I used my Silpat, which I love.

I also used my new timer I got from Katherine for Christmas. Thanks, Katherine! I had one of these timers but it was sadly broken. I had been eyeing a new one, so I was so surprised and happy to receive it.

Here's how they turned out. They were so filling for breakfast!

I needed it because we had an event this morning at the New Capitol to welcome legislators back to the new legislative session.

I love the inside of the dome - don't you? It's funny looking at everything because the white subway tile, dark trim, and cool gray paint is back in style. Who would have thought they would have known in 1903 what was in style in 2011?

Ok, the floors? Not so much.

Tonight I came home and made turkey chili. It's one of those easy recipes you can just throw together and have done in 20 minutes, easy.

Have a great week!

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