Saturday, January 22, 2011

My, Oh MyPoints

Such a (unexpectedly) fun day! I started the day off early by opening up at the Drip. I love having a little side job for some fun money.

Afterwards, I headed down the road to use a gift card at TJ Maxx. How'd I get the card? From MyPoints! Ashley told me about them a few years ago and I have used them religiously. All you do is sign up, get emails sent to your inbox, click them for easy 5 points each. I also take the surveys they send for 10-50 points, as well. The points really add up fast for rewards. I think that I got a $10 gift card in October and now I've got another $10 one just a few months later? Let me know if you'd like to join so I can refer you.

All I got were socks, which I really needed, and I didn't even use it all, so it was pretty uneventful.

I also visited my grandparents and my parents' house. While there, I talked to my dad about iPads and whether or not to wait until iPad 2 is released. While it may seem simple, this has been an ongoing debate for me for months. I almost got one before Thanksgiving, then I talked about getting it for Christmas, and I was still thinking about it. Thing is, iPad 2 is coming out soon. But, I got an iPad!

I'm so excited and so pleased with it already. When the next iPad is released, my dad is going to buy this one from me, so it's a win-win situation. I have been wanting one of these for work for a good while and I can't wait to use it at the day long training workshop I have to attend on Monday! (You can bet I'll still be couponing after this for sure now!)


  1. I love mypoints! I've gotten so many gift cards to all kinds of places since I started using it! I'm so glad you got into it!

  2. Yay!! I'm so glad you got one. I wanna play with it!



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