Monday, February 14, 2011

Banana Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

I don't think there is anything more heavenly on this earth. Even if you don't like bananas, you'll like this cake. It's fluffy, moist, and dense all at the same time. The taste of banana is so slight, you won't even know you're eating fruit! I first encountered this recipe when I tasted Banana Cake for the first time last week at Candy's house. There was no turning back. I was hooked and had to re-create it for myself. I used this recipe exactly (down to the buttermilk and putting it in the freezer).

{Get ready}

{Mash bananas}

{Measure, measure, measure}

I definitely didn't skimp out this time on anything. That would be real butter. I love the butter I bought because it came in 1/4 cup sticks, so it was really fool-proof.

{Get ready to cream butter and sugar}

{Add eggs and vanilla}

{Ready to bake}


Man, this sucker was good. I brought it to my family yesterday and to work this morning. Everyone that eats it raves about it, so you know you need to make it for your sweetie too!

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