Tuesday, February 22, 2011

DIY Magnets

Look at Anthropolgie online the other day, I saw these magnets. They're cute... but then look at the price tag. $28?? Really? Automatically, I thought, "That's ridiculous. I've made these before in high school and they weren't nearly that expensive." So, I decided to make some of my own and definitely spend less than $28.

Anthropologie magnets: $28
I got some clearance scrapbooking pages from Michaels. Each page was only about $.19. While you're at Michaels, grab a bag of clear, flat glass rocks. They're in the section with moss, bamboo sticks, and other rocks.

Cut paper to fit bottom of glass pebble. Don't let any edges hang out.
In a paper plate/bowl, pour some glue. Paint glue on to the side of the paper you want to show through the glass. Press paper to glass and wipe off any excess glue.

Flip over and let sit to dry.

Once dry, dip one side of magnet in leftover glue. Press magnet to back of the pebble, let dry.

Voila! Guess how much is cost? Less than $5.
Glass marbles: $2.00 (saved $.50 with 20% Michaels coupon)
5 sheets scrapbooking paper: $.19 each, on clearance
Magnets: $1.60 (saved $.40 with 20% Michaels coupon)
Glue, bowl, brush: already owned
Total: $4.55

Here's how they turned out:

I love them so much more than the Anthro ones because I was able to personalize to my style. This one is probably my favorite...

Now I've got some cute magnets, but I've still got the cash too!

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  1. Sophie, let's have a crafting date! Those magnets are adorable and you'd better believe I'm still obsessed with those button flowers you made.



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