Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Drip

I had such deja vu taking these photos, because I had "photo shoots" (as we said back then) all the time at the Drip. I can't tell you the hundreds of photos I have that look similar to these. What I would have done for a 14 megapixel camera back then...

I've been having even more deja vu, which I have only really experienced for the first time recently, because more and more people from the "old crew" when I worked there in high school, are coming back to work a shift or two a week like me.

Granted, some are doing it because they're in grad school, or just got married and want extra money on the side for fun things...

But more than anything, we all say it's fun to be back.

There's nothing like the people that come by (who haven't changed a bit) and of course, the coffee.

I'll leave you with the recipe for my favorite coffee drink of the moment... if you've got a french press or coffee pot, you can make this at home, I promise.

Iced Latte with Honey (makes two lattes)
2 coffee spoons (around 2 tablespoons) of ground espresso
Almond milk, or milk of your choosing

Prepare espresso to your machine's specifications with two scoops of espresso and 8 oz of water.
{For a coffee pot, fill a filter with two scoops of espresso, pour water into reservoir, and brew.}
{For french press, combine ingredients into press, stir. Add lid with open slot facing away from the spout. Let sit for at least four minutes. After time has elapsed, hold down top and press plunger down.}
In a glass (I prefer the large size to make this work), fill honey just enough to cover the bottom. Add half of the espresso brew. Stir to melt honey. Add in 8-10 oz milk and stir. Top with a few ice cubes.

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  1. That sounds so yummy!! I'm definitely going to try this!



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