Sunday, February 13, 2011

Super (Long) Saturday

Saturday was a great day, but I felt like it was super long. Maybe it's because it started at 5:45 in the morning when I woke up because I opened at the Drip or all the things I did that day. What ever the case, I was beat by the time I got home last night.

After getting off work (which I still love and enjoy doing, even if it is on the weekend), I met up with Erin to check out the Flowood Flea Market. Holy cow there is so much stuff!

This is just one little corner of it. There was so much to look at. I did have a major score...

This really cool old window screen I put over my couch. I was not liking my painting over the couch as much anymore and at $10, I wasn't breaking the bank (or even using half of my tip money from the Drip!). I'm digging it. We also found Erin some great artwork to put in her guest bedroom she's working on.

That afternoon, I headed to my parents house, where I helped them move some furniture (again) and do some grocery shopping with my mom at Fresh Market and Kroger. I must say, my mom is becoming quite the couponer herself.

Looking around my parents house, I found these glasses I bought at a garage sale in my old elementary school about 7 years ago. What can I say? I love glassware. My mom loves them too, so they've stayed at my parents' house and I love using them. Maybe they'll be at my house one day...

We picked up the most wonderful, chewy bread at Fresh Market: Asiago and Sun-Dried Tomatoes. Man, it was good.

Sauteed some asparagus and garlic with olive oil in a skillet until green and tender. Sprinkled with a little lavender sea salt...

Grilled a salmon filet with a little teriyaki sauce

I don't know why, but this plate says comfort food to me. I love salmon a lot and my mom made meals like this when I was living at home (since I rarely eat steak).

Perfect! I can't wait to show you the recipe I'm cookin' up right now. More later.

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