Thursday, February 3, 2011

Weather and Fun Surprises

Brrrrrrrrr! I can't believe that when I got out this morning it was 26 degrees! Like my cousin Whitney said to me today, I'm a Southern wimp! During all the weather hustle and bustle, I forgot my lunch. No fear, I went down the block to the Landmark Building where they have good food for pretty cheap. I think it must be subsidized because I got a pretty big wrap and banana for $4.

Spinach wrap with grilled chicken, lettuce, pepper jack cheese, tomato, green bell pepper, and fat free Ranch dressing. Really, really good.

The weather started getting particularly nasty around 3 and our office started getting concerned. Our building has a two story parking garage and the ramp down to the street level is a) not covered and b) sort-of steep. Since most of us park on the second level and it was starting to get icy, they let us go before the ramp and roads got bad. Thank goodness because I had a hard time even walking to my car because so much sleet had started to accumulate on the parking garage and my car!

Besides getting off work early, I was super excited to see a package in my mailbox!

I have to say, I'm embarrasing-ly excited about getting to use this. While you probably didn't need or want to know this, I've been having a problem with my scalp being itchy the past week so it came at a good time (insert cringing here).

I also had an envelope for a free Aveeno lotion from my Aveeno rebate that I talked about in this post. Can't wait to redeem it!

I wish my work schedule allowed me to get off at 4, because I got so much done when I got home! I started laundry, vacuumed, Swiffer-ed, mopped, organized, and got dinner made.
I wasn't in the mood to make something really intensive, so I made French Toast topped with almond butter (not that much, about half a teaspoon per piece) and mini omelets with turkey and monterey jack cheese (what I had).

Absolutely hit the spot! Can't wait to finally have new episodes of Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice tonight. Hoping that David Hartman isn't cutting in with weather updates every 5 minutes!

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